HE Dr. Mostafa Madbouly
Prime Minister of Egypt

It is a great pleasure for us to gather here in the New Capital, in the “Invest in Africa 2019” forum, that brings together African heads of state and governments, major investors, global and regional institutions. Here to discuss together the future of Africa and looking for wide horizon of cooperation between the continent countries, and take advantage of its great potential, including the welfare, prosperity and progress of nations.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, during his presidency of the African Union, was keen to push for African cooperation frameworks to broaden areas, especially with regard to taking concrete steps to implement large projects that contribute to linking Africa and the creation of an enabling environment and attractive investments from various countries of the world.

His Excellency also directed the Egyptian government to take the necessary measures to activate economic cooperation between Egypt and the African continent: trade and investment. Also the transfer of Egyptian expertise to the African continent, especially in the implementation of major infrastructure projects

The place we are in today, which witnesses the convening of our conference, is the best testimony of the Egyptian state's implementation of major projects, praised by all in terms of its impact on the national economy and its contribution to changing the future of Egypt.

While the Egyptian state was implementing its reform program to correct its economy, we were also closely following the reform efforts adopted by African countries, which are currently being implemented. These reforms have different domestic priorities, yet all have a common goal aimed to achieve a comprehensive sustainable development that benefits nations and contribute to raising their standards of living. This calls for more cooperation and coordination so that Africa can turn from the land of promising opportunities into a land of development and prosperity.

We have the elements known to all, opportunities and political support from the leaders of African countries, strong relations, trade and investment agreements and strong economic groupings within the African continent. This invites us to summon international institutions and investors from around the world to contribute with us in the implementation of joint projects. In addition, to benefit from the young population and resources available. Furthermore, to make Africa the heart of the world to link all continents, which allows Africa to receive much more investments than now despite the surrounding of the global economic risks and trade wars that have negatively affected global trade flows. However, we look forward to working better together.

We affirm that we will continue to support any efforts to work together and strengthen the bonds that unite us. Our sincere wishes for this conference to be successful and achieve its objectives.

Again, welcome to Egypt

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly

Prime Minister