H.E Dr. Sahar Nasr’s
Minister of Investment and International Cooperation

It is once again my pleasure to welcome you to the fourth edition of Africa 2019: Investment in Africa Forum. The forum is a platform that aims to accelerate investment flows and boost economic growth and shared prosperity among the African nations.

I am delighted to work in partnership with the business community as well as the International Financial Institutions and investment banks towards fostering Africa’s inclusive and sustainable development.

This year, the Forum is hosted at Cairo’s New Capital, the iconic new Egyptian landmark that is characterized by its distinguished cultural heritage, which blends with modern and technological advancement.

The Forum opens a distinctive opportunity for African heads of states, governments leaders and International Financial Institutions to meet and discuss Africa’s persisting challenges and identify viable solutions to achieve the continent’s economic development and ambitions.

With its presidency to the African Union, Egypt holds a unified vision for an integrated and a more prosperous African continent by unlocking the ample investment potential that the African continent has to offer in various sectors.

Egypt considers the closer integration and economic collaboration among African nations as a vital element to achieve the African Development Agenda 2063. Working together, we can reach tangible development results, create job opportunities that underpin Africa’s continued growth; foster more equitable and inclusive growth; empower youth and women; and collectively build a more peaceful and sustainable Africa.

Capitalizing on the successful and effective cooperation among African nations including the African Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), Cairo Cape Town Road line pilot project, and several bilateral agreements, the Forum will be an excellent platform to foster further investments in modern infrastructure with a specific focus on roads, railways, ports, energy and ICT development, which is highly needed to unleash the ingenuity, drive and vision of this dynamic region.

I encourage African leaders to unify efforts towards creating more opportunities to promote investment in the human capital of African talents through access to education, finance and R&D. In addition, I believe that fostering closer engagement between business owners and policy makers is essential to improve the investment framework in Africa.

Together, I am confident that we can create a legacy that will shape a flourishing future for all of Africa.