HE Abdel Fattah Al Sisi

I am delighted to welcome Egypt's guests, Heads of States and Governments, investors, regional funds and international institutions as well as development partners to Africa’s 2019 Forum —“Invest in Africa”, held this year in the New Capital, to explore together new horizons that will shape a better future for the people of the African continent and achieve their development priorities within the framework of the ambitious African Agenda 2063.

During its leadership of the African Union, Egypt has worked with our brothers from the African countries to translate the reform programs into operational steps that reinforces them and makes them a reality. In this context, Africa has made an important historic step on the road to continental economic integration, namely setting the Continental Free Trade Area Agreement into action and the launching of their implementing tools at the Exceptional African Union Summit in Niger on July 7, 2019. This Summit also witnessed the endorsement of the completion steps for the liberalization of trade and services, the completion of competition regulations, disputes resolution and intellectual property protection as the main pillars in opening and controlling markets to encourage all investors from different countries to invest in Africa aiming to achieve mutual benefits.

The African countries are taking strenuous steps towards achieving sustainable and inclusive development under the 2063 Agenda, and in this context, seeking to build successful partnerships with international and regional financial institutions that will enable them to achieve their ambitious development agendas by providing the funding required to support the infrastructure projects, and the continental connectivity projects that will prepare and create an attractive and competitive environment for the domestic and foreign investment.

Sustainable development is a necessity for the people of Africa and we will achieve it with more cooperation, mobilizing efforts, increasing trade, boosting investment and promoting more private sector participation while emphasizing the commitments at the highest political level of the reform efforts, capitalizing on the potentials and competitive advantages possessed by the African countries that enable them to grow sustainably. The most significant of these advantages is that Africa is a young continent’s with a young population, youth account for the highest percentage of its population, which encourages us to continue investing in our human capital, health and education, through building cadres and skills.

I call on all African partners to take advantage of the grand investment opportunities in the continent, in addition to financing the continental interconnection infrastructure projects in the fields of roads, railways, energy and the maritime sector.

Moving forward with what has been achieved and a desire to achieve more, we hope that this year's Africa 2019 Conference will contribute to the continent's continued development efforts.

Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi

President of the Arab Republic of Egypt